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XJ40 Brakes Brief


Coolant Change - Kills Corrosion Problems

Wheel Sizes - Terminology

 "S"-Type Brake Switch Fix (Install electric switch)

Some Helpful Links for the DIY Mechanic


XK Head Cylinder Repair

The Sealed Transmission Myth 


 How to Photograph your Classic Car




Rev Counter Up-grade

Ceramic Coatings for Classic Cars

Reading the Date Code - How Old are your Tyres? 

Safely Fitting a Battery

Fuses and Confusion


 Inboard Rear Brakes Insights


JDCSA - The First Ten Years 1973 - 1983
Article - Bob Charman

Bob Charman completed his 420G restoration in 2009. Here is his story: 

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E-Type 50th Anniversary Birdwood