Jaguar Drivers Club 
of South Australia

Est. 1973

Model Registers


Within the club there are a number of model specific registers to facilitate the coming together of members who share an interest in specific models of Jaguar and Daimler cars. All members are welcome to attend any register meeting regardless of the model of Jaguar owned.

Below is an outline of registers and the specific model of Jaguar they cater for. The images are samples of some of the models in that register for more detail you should contact the respective register secretary as listed below

          SS and Daimler Register (Pushrod Cars)

The original cars of Swallow Side Cars, Jaguar SS, Mk IV, Mk V and Daimler models of the same era.

Meeting:  Last Wednesday of each month

Location:   Varies, check the Event Calendar and register minutes.

Contact:  Malcolm Adamson    0418 856 731



XK, Mk 7, Mk 8 and Mk 9 Register (Introduction of the XK motor)

The XK 120, XK 140, XK 150 and the big saloons of the fifties, MK 7, 8 and 9. 

Meeting:  First Wednesday of each month

Location:   Varies, check the Event Calendar and register minutes.

Contact:   Robin Ide     0428 816 678            




Mk I, Mk 2, 420, and S Type Register  (Compact Saloons)

The compact saloons of the late fifties and sixties. Mk 1, Mk 2, S Type, 420 and the Daimler models of the same era.

Meeting:    Normally meets on the second Tuesday of each even month.but dates and location can change

Location:                                                                 Varies, check the Event Calendar,  register minutes or contact the Register Secretary.

Contact:   Tim White   0419 809 021



E Type, F Type and Grand Tourer Register

The E Type, F Type, and Grand Tourers including the XJS and Modern XK's. Two door sports and grand tourers from the sixties to the present day.

Meeting:   Third Thursday of each month.

Location:  Usually at Alan Bakers shed but can vary,

Contact:    Alan Baker   0429 097 729


XJ, Mk 10 and 420G Register

All XJ models, Series I, Series 2, Series 3, XJC, and the big saloons of the sixties. Mk 10 and 420G

Meeting:                                                                Second Wednesday of each month.

Location:                                                           Shannon's Club Rooms, South Road, Clarence Gardens.

Contact:  Bob Charman    0421 482 007


Multivalve Register (Modern)

The XJ40 and all models onwards including the latest models.

Meeting:   Fourth Tuesday of each odd calendar month.

Location:  Varies, check the Event Calendar and register minutes.

Contact:   Peter Buck    0421 061 883




If you wish to have a hard copy of this Model Register information you will find a PDF that can be printed HERE

J.O.C.C.E.R.S (Unnoffical Group)

The Jaguar Caravan Campers Enthusiast Rabble started out a number of years ago to satisfy the desires of members with RV's as a method of getting together over weekends in a selected caravan park. We generally meet twice a year on a selected park no more than 2 hours drive from Adelaide.

JDCSA Monthly General Meeting

The General Monthly Meeting of JDCSA is held the first Tuesday of each month except for January at the Police Association Building, Carrington Street Adelaide. People interested in joining the club are welcome to attend.