Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 


Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

Est. 1973

Lofty England 1986

In 1986 the JDCSA hosted "Lofty" England to one of their meetings. Topics: Grand Prix, Adelaide City Council, Jaguar manufacturing in South African, Mexico, Beligum and Singapore, British Leyland, How the XJ6 became a long wheel base, Jaguar response to BMW police cars, Australian National Rally, Tasmaina, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, New Zealand Jaguar Clubs, Melbourne, Australian Car Museums, Perth, Alan Bonds boat, Holmes 'a Court Steam Car Collection, Boats, Lemans & Silverstone, C-Types and D-.Types, Runtime: 1 hr File Type: Windows Media File Size: 136 MB Thanks to Roger Adamson for converting from VHS to Digital File

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