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Keeping your jaguar on the road ...


With the strong Australian dollar and the internet jaguar parts can readily be purchased from the UK and the US. The main two suppliers have online part books that can be downloaded for free.

SNG Barratt (US and UK)


XKs Unlimited (US only)


Martin Robey (UK only)


Ebay also offers a wealth of parts with sellers happy to post internationally. Just be sure to check the description of the goods closely and check the sellers histories carefuly. The golden rule is : if its too good to be true ...


Services - The purpose of this page is to provide Jaguar club members with a list of Adelaide based businesses which may be of assistance in keeping your classic jaguar on the road. The businesses have been nominated by a member of the club after receiving excellent service. Where there is no Adelaide based business we have suggested a inetrsate business.

Please note that the club take no responsibility for parts or services supplied by the businesses. 


Chrome & Zinc Plating

  • A Class Metal Finishers
  • Guy behind Port Road

Panel / Body stripping

  • Minas Paints - Wingfield
  • Wingfield Blasters - Wingfield

Auto Electrician / Air Con

  • JW Lawrence Auto Electricial

Paint Touch Ups

  • Delux Duco Solutions, Mount Barker   

Restoration Services

 Differential & Gearbox Rebuilds

  • Bob Anderson Automotive

Interior Trimmers

  • Wilkshire Motor Trimers
  • Alan Turner

Brake Rebuilders

  • Power Brakes - Norwood

Vintage Bulbs

Engine Rebuilder (XK and V12s)

  • Reccomendation needed. 

Engine Tuner

  •  Recommendation Needed

Exhaust Systems

  • Recomendation needed.

Fuel Tank Repairs

  • Greens Welding ... 

Instrument rebuilders Repairs 

  • ???

Replacement Windscreens

  • Moore Autoglass (NSW)

Automotive Rubber

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