Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 


Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

Est. 1973

Member's Database

STAY UP TO DATE . . . . . . 

Our Member's Database has been created specifically so members can access all their personal membership information as well as all details of their current vehicles and keep this information up to date.

By using this database link members will be able to renew their membership online each year. Membership renewals fall due on 30th June each year and members are encouraged to renew their membership prior to this date.  Members will be reminded by email when renewals are due.

How to Use the Club Data Base (TidyHQ)   Download a PDF instruction sheet HERE

Members with vehicles on CLUB REGISTRATION are reminded that your financial membership of JDCSA  is a condition of your Club Registration. Failure to renew your club membership and have your Log Book stamped means your vehicle is automatically deemed to be unregistered and uninsured. More information on the Club Registration Scheme  HERE.

CLICK HERE . . . . . and keep all your personal membership information up to date!