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Membership Dues 2011/2012

To process your membership payment for 2011/2012 you will require:

1) Your JDCSA Membership Number (Customer Reference Number)

2) Your Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard

3) Your E-mail address for your invoice.

4) Amount to be paid : $60.00

Further Information

The JDCSA has decided that we will cease manually processing credit cards for annual membership payments begining June 2011


This is due to security concerns, time consumption and processing cost.


Member are asked to process make a online credit card payment via the secure Westpac page linked above.

This service is provided to the JDCSA via Westpac's "Payway" facility which provides 128 bit encryption of your information


This process provides a much higher level of security that traditionally posting in of the card information and carbon slips out via Australia Post.


JDCSA will receive imediate notification of your payment.


JDCSA or is Excutive members do NOT receive any of your credit card infromation.


Historic Registration: Please forward a copy of your emailed invoice with your Historic Registration Log Book as proof of payment by July 2010 to PO Box 6020 Halifax Streetl SA 5000 to ensure processing in a timely manner.


Any questions :


Tom Herraman - Website Manager Ph: 0423 214644

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