Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 


Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

Est. 1973

COVID 19 Policy Announcement. (Updated 04/01/2021)
The  Club's Covid 19  Executive Group  continues to formulate policies and responses on behalf of the club in response to changing regulations.

1. All club events are subject to the approval of the COVID 19 Executive Group. This group consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer.

2. Only Register Secretaries or a member of the Club's Executive Committee is permitted to organise an event in the name of the club and the Proforma provided for this purpose should be used.

3. All events will be published and promoted via TidyHQ and registration for all events is mandatory . . . . . . no exceptions!

The Executive Committee has therefore determined as follows:

We require non-attendance at any club events by members returning from overseas or if they know they may have had contact with infected persons within a previous 14-day period. Obviously similar action applies to members who are experiencing flu-like symptoms. This policy should be observed for as long as the current crisis continues or until further notice. Hand sanitisation and physical distancing should be practised at all times.

General Monthly Meetings of JDCSA 

Our normal Monthly General Meetings have recommenced as of Tuesday August 4th 2020 at the Police Club, Carrington Street Adelaide. The Bistro will be open, but numbers will be limited. Our meeting upstairs from 7.30pm. will  also need to be restricted in numbers. Consequently it is essential that members intending to attend should register their intention via TidyHQ > Events by GETTING A TICKET (Free)

The Club now has its own QR Code and registration at entry via your mobile phone will be required.

Basic protective measures against the Corona Virus include:

1. Stay aware of the latest information on the  COVID 19 SA Gov. website.

2. Download the SA Gov. COVID Safe QR CODE on your Mobile phone

3. Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:

    a.  Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser,

    b.  Practice physical distancing of 1.5 m.

    c.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

    d.  Covering your mouth  with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.

    e.  Avoid physical contact such as handshakes etc.

    f.   In crowed situations where physical distancing is difficult, were a face mask.

If you have any questions please contact your Register Secretary
Philip Prior

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Jaguar Driver's Club of South Australia

Established in 1973 the Jaguar Drivers Club has for over 40 years catered for those people of all ages with an interest in Jaguars (including SS & Daimler models) from the 1935 SS100 to the latest  XF, XE, XJ models and the popular F Type, F Pace, and  E Pace .

Club members include owners of Concours E-Types and Mark 2s, the latest  XKRs  and  F-Type  to  the  ever  popular  XJ  saloons  many of which are still used and enjoyed as daily drivers. 

If you have an interest in Jaguar cars you will enjoy the activities and friendship offered by this family friendly club. Interested  people  are  encouraged  to  contact  us  to learn more about  club activities CLICK HERE

Philip Prior
JDCSA President  (2016-2018)

Club Patron
Peter Holland 


JDCSA Sponsors for 2018 / 2019

Our Club appreciates the generous support of our Sponsors and invite visitors to this site to visit our Sponsor's web sites for more information on their services provided.