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A Potted History of the Early Years of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

The 25th July, 1973 was a significant date for Jaguar enthusiasts in Adelaide, for on the evening of that date we saw the inaugural meeting of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia at the Brecknock Hotel, Adelaide.

This was the culmination of nearly six months hard work by five dedicated Jaguar owners - Philip Smart, Ian Forrester, Christopher Holland, Shane Dunstone and David Seidel - for they laid the foundations for the Club we now enjoy.

But perhaps we should go a little further back in time. During the middle of 1971 three XK owners, John Alexander, Shane Dunstone and Peter Holland contacted all known XK owners in Adelaide and formed an informal association. Over the next eighteen months a number of outings were organised, but due mainly to limited funds and resources, the initial impetus began to die.

There was talk of forming a club covering all models of Jaguar, as some saw this as the only means of a well assured future. Philip Smart in particular provided the main stimulus in this regard. He knew Ian Forrester had been working independently along similar lines and the five mentioned above formed a steering committee to plan the club.


The work carried out by these five enthusiasts included drafting a constitution, investigation of the many day to day affairs needed to run a club, registration of the name and confirmation of a meeting place. Affiliation with other clubs was also considered and the support of the Jaguar Car Club in Victoria in those early months of the club must be acknowledged.


Thus, when many Jaguar owners received a letter through the post in early July, 1973 announcing the formation of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia, all the necessary groundwork had already been done. It was only necessary to attend.


"UNBELIEVABLE would be the only word to describe the inaugural meeting of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia". These were the opening words of an article in the September, 1973 issue of the Victorian club magazine 'Cat A Log' describing that meeting. There was an atmosphere of intense excitement in the meeting room. Over one hundred and fifty people attended with guests from the Victorian and Western Australian clubs also in attendance.


The first committee of the new club, Phil Smart, Ian Forrester, David Seidel, Christopher Holland, Graham Franklin, John Alexander, Peter Holland and Shane Dunstone was formally installed. The first official event, a touring assembly, at the Belair National Park was announced. Many joined the club on that first night.

Forty years is a long time, it is pleasing to see that many of

those first members are still with us.

The club is a tribute to the now famous five

JDCSA - Register History

XK Owners Association of SA 12-July-1971

Refer page 16 Classic Marque Nov 1974


Jaguar Drivers Club of SA Inc. 25-July-1973

Formed by & absorbing the XK Owners Ass.


SS Register

1st register formed within the JDCSA March-1974

(After State Concours 1974)


E-Type Register

2nd register formed within the JDCSA May-1976

Refer page 9 Classic Marque May 1976

Now includes the V12 Register and re-named the

E-Type, F-Type and Grand Tourer Register (2013)


Mk I, II, S & 420 Register (Compact Saloons)


XJ, Mk X & 420G Register

4th register formed within the JDCSA 13-Oct-1982


Mk VII, VIII & IX Register

5th register formed within the JDCSA 21-March-1984 ,

Merged with the XK Register 2010


Green Triangle Register

6th register formed within the JDCSA 30-Aug-1985

Regional register, now defunct


XK Register

7th register formed within the JDCSA 23-Dec-1987,

Merged with the Mk VII, VIII & IX. Had been having XK runs since Nov 1986


V12 Register

8th register formed within the JDCSA 16-June-1988

Started as a technical adjunct to the XJ register now combined with the E-Type Register.(2013)


Multivalve Register

9th register formed within the JDCSA 23-Nov-1999

Currently AJ engines onward

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