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Jaguar Facebook Pages of Interest to Jaguar Enthusiasts

"Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia "

The official Facebook group for the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia.

On this page you can stay in touch with other Jaguar enthusiasts from SA and around Australia.

"JDCSA - Compact Register"

The compact register caters for owners of the Jaguar Mk 2, Jaguar S Type, Jaguar 420 Compact and the Daimler variants of these models. The register meets bi-monthly at various locations and venues. 

"Aussie Jaguars "

A Facebook group for Australian Jaguar enthusiasts

An Australian group with a keen interest in all things Jaguar. Post and view photos, ask for advise on repairs and where to source parts, what Jaguar clubs are about that you can join. Share your Jaguar stories (or lies), basically anything Jaguar.


1. No advertising.

2. No For Sales, wanted or auctions.

3. No swearing or abusing other members.

4. No Jaguar haters. If you dislike a particular Jaguar model and can't make constructive comments, then don't comment.

5. No promoting of your business.

This is not a group to join to sell your wares or to advertise your business. 

"Australian Jaguar Parts Cars and Tools For Sale"

This is an Australian group where you can advertise, buy, sell and swap Jaguar cars, parts, tools etc.


1. Jaguar parts and special tools for Jaguar only.

2. Got Jaguar related stuff to sell? Advertise it here free.

3. All sales must include the price.

4. Please note- JAGUAR only! All non related Jaguar posts will be removed and re offenders will be removed from the group.

5. Bump adds at 24 hours minimum only.

"Australian and New Zealand - Jaguar & Daimler Owners Group" 

When you ask to join this group you will be asked some questions - if you don't meet the criteria as posed in the questions, please do not apply.We get requests to join from overseas Facebook users and from those who would seem to have no connection with the XJC - apologies if your request has not been accepted.

As the name of this page indicates, it is to provide Australian and New Zealand XJC enthusiasts (solely) with information regarding the XJC - events and activities here in Australia, and was established when we were planning our XJC Anniversary event in Echuca, October 2015.

It is not a vehicle for advertising of any kind. Anyone who advertises a business or service will be removed from the group and their post deleted.

"Daimler Lanchester Club of Victoria"

A public Group - For those interested in all things Daimler and Lanchester.

Founded in 1972, the Daimler Lanchester Club of Victoria is for enthusiasts, owners and drivers of cars made by Daimler, Lanchester and BSA.

"Stray Cats - Modified Jaguars Group"

If you have a Modified Jaguar you'd like to share, or are interested in modified Jaguars Feel free to join the Group.

Haters of modified Jaguars need not bother.

"Jaguar Classifieds and Discussion Australia"

This is a page for buying, selling Jaguars and Jaguar parts within Australia. Also a place to ask questions and help fellow Jaguar enthusiasts.

"Jaguar Enthusiasts (Australia)"

The home of Jaguar (Australia) on Facebook. The Jaguar Car Club of Australia brings together Jaguar enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared love of the Marque. Whether you are young or old, stock Jaguar or highly modified, this is a friendly group for Jaguar owners and/or fans to share photos and videos, acquire mechanical help, general Jaguar chit chat, future car events coming up, related business advertising ok and selling anything Jaguar .

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