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JDCSA Register Groups


Within the club there are a number of model specific register groups to facilitate the coming together of members who share an interest in specific models of Jaguar and Daimler cars. 

All members are welcome to attend any register meeting regardless of the model of car owned.


However this page provides some detail about specific Registers and who to contact for more information. 

Jaguar SS, Daimler and Lanchester Register (Pushrod Cars)

The original cars of Swallow Side Cars, Jaguar SS, Mk IV, MK V, and Daimler models of the same era.

Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month

Location: Varies, check the event calendar

Contact:  Brenton Hobbs      0419 345 775

Jaguar XK, Mk VII, Mk VIII, Mk IX Register

The XK120, XK140, XK150 and the big saloons of the fifties (Mark VII, Mark VIII, Mk IX).

Meetings: As announced

Location: Varies.  Please check the events calendar.

Contact: Steve Weeks 0414 952 416

Jaguar Mk I, Mk II, 420 and S Type Register

The compact saloons of the late fifties and sixties and the Daimler models of the same era. (Mk 1, Mk 2, S Type, 240, 340, 420 and Daimler V8, 250.

Meetings:  As announced 

and Location:  Varies/ Please check the event calendar.

Contact:  Philip Prior  0402 670 654

Jaguar E Type, F Type and Grand Tourer Register

The E-Type, F Type and Grand Tourers including XJ-S and modern XKs (X100, X150). 

Meetings: As announced. Please check the event calendar.

Location: Various locations around Adelaide.

Secretary:     Bruce Davis  0400 872 438

Jaguar XJ, Mk X and 420G Register

All XJ models, Series 1, 2, 3, XJC, and the big saloons of the sixties, Mk X and 420G.

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month.

Location: Bartley Hotel, Bartley Terrace, West Lake Shores.

Contact: Bob Charman 0421 482 007

Jaguar Multivalve Register

All modern Jaguars.

(XJ40, X300, X308, X350, X358, Modern XJ 351, S-Type, X-Type, XE, XF, E-Pace, I-Pace, F-Pace).

Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each odd calendar month.

Location:  Various locations

Contact: Peter Buck  0421 061 883

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